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Business is booming on the Internet. If you’re not maximizing your online presence, you’re leaving a LOT of money on the table!

Social Media Marketing is important-You also need a powerful Detroit SEO expert strategy.
The world is much more connected today due to technology.

Advertisers are projected to have paid $591 billion dollars in online advertising in 2017 to spread the word about their businesses. We can show you how to get the same high quality visitors that other businesses pay Google (and other ad networks) a small fortune for at a small fraction of that cost.

We can also provide you with high quality promotional video creation, social media management, marketing consultations,  as well as other services.

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If you have a business, SEO and social media marketing services are an essential part of the strategy that you need to help your business grow and increase profits.  SEO and social media have become a critical part of promotional strategy.  The majority of large businesses have already begun taking advantage of them, and have made it an important part of their marketing strategy.

Many small business owners are not as clear as they need to be  on the benefits of online advertising and the use of social media, in addition to the importance of SEO.  They need to learn about the possibilities that are achievable with them, and how it can greatly improve profits.

In addition to SEO, social media has also become a very critical element of online marketing. It isn’t just enough to run ads. Today, social media is an important part of your company’s online presence. If you’re not using social media to increase your company’s visibility, you are missing out on a critical element of your company’s promotional strategy.

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Modern social media marketing and SEO change rapidly
Old time marketing strategies don’t cut it anymore!

Just how important is an integrated marketing approach to a business?

Due to the fact that the majority of people who use the World Wide Web depend on the most popular search engines to find products and services of interest to them, it is an extremely sensible and important  to employ SEO and social media marketing as critical elements of any online marketing strategy.  In terms of small business success, using these strategies enables potential customers to find your products easier, cheaper and faster.

Sometimes business owners have a problem understanding and believing that an integrated marketing strategy can truly improve their marketing results.  This is usually related to ridiculous promises and claims made by a few shady SEO companies that don’t deliver any tangible results. Although a finely crafted online marketing campaign can have numerous benefits, it can often appear to be overwhelming to a small business.

Some of the results that your website should experience from working with Detroit SEO are:

Better rankings

When you use a search engine, it shows a list of websites that are highly related to the search terms you use. Then you examine the search results to find exactly what you are searching for. The majority of people that use search engines usually settle for the first few websites in the search results, which is why it is so critically important for your business to be on the first page.

There are some factors that are used to improve a web site’s rankings. Some of these elements include URL structure and content. When all of the proper things have been added to the site, your web site will rank higher in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) which will result in your website having more visibility to your prospects.  Customers will be able to find  your company’s web site much easier.

Long Term Placing

Search engine optimization (along with social media management), if done correctly, can make your website’s search engine rankings stay above those of other competing websites for extended periods of time. This makes it possible for prospective customers that are looking for your goods and services to more easily find your website. A solid, fundamentally sound marketing program can give your web site an consistent, popular online presence.

Brand Awareness

The purpose of SEO and social media marketing is to let people know about your business. Your company can’t stay in business if you can’t reach the people that have interest in your products and services.

Although the preliminary response to your marketing efforts may not always lead to large sales, the publicity is most likely good for your business over the long haul. Brand recognition usually leads to more sales because continued, extended exposure to your company tends to develop trust and familiarity with your brand. Eventually, high traffic to your web site will lead to increased, consistent sales.

Affordability and High ROI (Return on Investment)

Traditional marketing campaigns have a tendency to be expensive. Search engine optimization tactics are, in most cases, more targeted, less expensive and more financially efficient. We will be using some highly effective promotional strategies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing.

Enhanced Website Structure

One facet of search engine marketing is the restructuring or rebuilding of your website into a content hub that dispenses fresh, relevant information to your target market.  You will experience increased sales when you convert your web site into a magnet for internet traffic. There are specific ways to design your web site that will make your visitors’ visits more pleasant, enjoyable, informative and profitable.

If you want to start getting better results from your promotional efforts, contact us today at admin@detroitseoexpert.com to get started today!

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