Why You Need SEO Services

Oftentimes, it is easy for business owners and others who are seeking to promote themselves, their products or their ideas to misunderstand the importance of their web presence. Specifically, they may not fully understand how valuable SEO services are.  It’s usually a better source of leads and publicity than just about any other traffic source or method. The bottom line is that search engine optimization should be a part of every business or person that is looking to acquire visitors and customers to their web site.

1. SEO should be a critical part of your marketing mix

SEO is such an important part of marketing and getting your web site seen that it should be a part of every web site or blog.  It is simply one of the best tools that you can use to get prospects, and can also help improve your conversions as well.

Detroit SEO brings digital marketing that increases profits, ROI and customer retention
SEO services can improve your profits

Even though you should not rely solely on SEO, you should definitely incorporate it into your overall marketing and promotional strategy.  There are other tactics that you should use as well, such as Web 2.0, video, articles, joint ventures, etc.  Each method will most likely work better together than in isolation, rendering a multiplicative effect on the results of your efforts.  Don’t think in terms of a ‘one-trick pony’, but more along the lines of integrating every tactic and strategy that you can exploit.

A business manager or owner must think in terms of using whatever tools and strategies that will work best to help achieve their goals. It’s not really about just using one single strategy that one may be familiar with, but to learn about and use whatever tools will give the best results.  Sometimes the business owner has the time and ability to learn about other tactics. But if not, he may need to hire a consultant.  But it’s always better if you have at least some basic knowledge about the new service because you will be able to better direct the consultant to help you get the results that you seek.

2. SEO is an inextricable part of your business

Understand that SEO is a part of your business that is extremely important.  If you can get organic search engine results to yield more than 50% of your web traffic, that means that SEO is a centerpiece of your business.  50% is a critical portion of your business.

Without having a serious focus on SEO, your business may fail. Because of this, you need to find the absolute best SEO consultant that you can. You may not want to rely on a do-it-yourself strategy with your entire business fate on the line.

You must keep in mind that SEO can be very complex.  It requires savvy marketing and communication, a deep understanding of internet marketing and business management, strategic focus and the aptitude to come up with new, practical, innovative results-oriented ideas and tactics.  Think of your SEO consultant as a high-level business consultant because it will require an intimate understanding of your business.

This is not a skill that everyone can do. So don’t think that you can casually farm this out to the first person or firm that you find and forget about it. You will need to make sure that the SEO consultant you hire is doing a good job. You do not want to trust a critical skill like SEO to someone to whom this is just a chore or a 2nd priority.

3. Good SEO brings targeted visitors with higher conversions

SEO increases ROI, profits and lowers advertising expenses
SEO can greatly improve your SERP’s

SEO results in highly targeted visitors to your site. By using intelligently performed keyword analysis, you can analyze a market’s size, profit potential, likely search volumes, level of competition, and even the underlying problem that your target market is seeking to solve.  If this doesn’t sound easy, it’s because it isn’t! And this is the very reason why you should choose your SEO consultant very carefully.

Without good SEO work, prospective customers will have a much harder time finding your web site.  But with good SEO work, the target audience you are seeking will have a much easier time finding your site, and once there they will have a higher tendency to purchase from you or extend communications with you until they do buy.

4. SEO helps you take advantage of weak competition

SEO can help you capitalize on the work and expenditures of your competitors.  If you have competitors that aren’t as strategically sophisticated as your company, they will have a much higher probability of missing opportunities or making mistakes. A solid SEO consultant will help you to turn these errors into profits.

For example, if you have competitors that run expensive, ineffective marketing tactics like TV commercials, display ads, radio ads, etc., they will probably serve to pique a general interest in your market. Often, the ads for these won’t be integrated with their web campaigns, and you can come in and get these interested prospects when you have good SEO practices.

And if you have competitors who do not have a good SEO consultant working with them, you can literally scoop up a lot more internet traffic in your market than they ever could. It will give you a huge competitive advantage that can help you dominate and command your market.

In conclusion

It is very important that you understand that finding a solid SEO consultant can greatly help you to improve your business.  It is often the difference between breaking even and making nice profits.  Or it can even be the difference between a business folding and a business surviving and thriving. It is too important to just leave to chance, much less to neglect.

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